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Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs can not only be a problem at home, but also in places with numerous beds and visitors such as Hotels, Motels, Back-Packer Lodges, Caravan Parks and Boarding Schools. If you think you have a problem with Bed Bugs, call Redback Pest Controlnow on 1800 733 222 or email us at for expert advice.

About Bed-bugs
Bed-bugs are usually found in unhygienic conditions inside bedrooms as their name implies. They have a flattened appearance before a blood feed and are about five millimetres long with the look of a rather wide flea, reddish brown in colour. They hide under the buttons and in creases of old mattresses, behind wallpaper, skirting boards and cracks in the floor. They are wingless so they can?t fly or jump like the flea. They are active during the night and have been known to drop from ceilings onto beds. They can survive without a blood feed for up to a year. Bites can cause welts to appear on the skin with three rows of puncture marks being characteristic. Itchiness and irritation affect some people more than others. A nuisance pest, generally harmless.
Pest Control of Bed Bugs

They are usually introduced in old mattresses or furniture, so inspect any recently brought into the premises. Inspect other harbourage areas, then lightly dust these areas. Spray all skirting boards and around furniture, especially around the bed. DO NOT SPRAY THE MATTRESS OR LINEN. Blankets and sheets should be stripped from the bed and washed in hot soapy water. Mattresses should either be discarded or left outside in the sun. Gassing with Pyrethrin should be carried out with any heavy infestations.

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