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Redback Pest Control has been managing the pest control needs of commercial and industrial facilities in Sydney NSW since 1990 and takes pride in offering tailored Management solutions for the companies we partner with.

We are fully qualified, professionals in all areas of pest control including general pest and timber pest management as well as solutions for Ants, Rats and Mice, Cockroaches, Silverfish, Spiders, Fleas, Wasps, Bed Bugs and Termite Inspections.


Q. Why are Ants in my house?

A. An ant has one singular purpose in life: to care for and protects its colony. The three most important things to an ant are food, moisture and shelter. Typically, about 10% of the colony spends their time foraging. These are most likely the ants that you see. They are searching your house for food, water and harborages.

Q. Why are Bedbugs in my house?
A. Bed bugs are in your home searching for food. Most likely, they got there by hitching a ride; bed bugs are very adept hitchhikers. You can pick them up almost anywhere: the bus station, a hotel, a taxi cab, an airplane, or even a relative’s house.

Q. Why are Cockroaches in my house?
A. Cockroaches are attracted by food, warmth, shelter and moisture. They can be introduced into your home in bags, boxes, or luggage from just about anywhere. They may also simply come inside your house from outdoors while foraging for food. Cockroaches are nocturnal insects; some common places to find them are under the kitchen sink and under the refrigerator.

Q. Why are Fleas in my house?
A. The fleas in your home most likely traveled in on your pet. However, you can still have a problem with fleas if you do not have pets. A flea can jump over six inches in one leap; this, along with their extremely small size, makes it easy for them to gain entrance to your home. They are often brought onto your property on infested pets.

Q. Why are Flies in my house?
A. The flies in your home are most likely searching for food and shelter. They are attracted to rotten and decaying matter and are often the result of poor sanitation. However, this is not always the case. Some flies, such as the fruit fly, are attracted to fruits and vegetables.

Q. Why are Mosquitoes in my house?
A. While mosquitoes may access your home through ripped or torn screens or other openings, they are more likely to be a pest outside of the home. If you have standing water present on your property, tall or overgrown grass or if you are located in an area that attracts mosquito activity, then you are likely to have a mosquito problem. Female mosquitoes require a small amount of water in order to lay eggs. Water that has accumulated in gutters, flower pots, buckets, bird baths and kiddie pools as well as other items commonly found in the yard could be attracting mosquitoes.

Q. Why are Pantry Pest in my house?
A. Pantry pests are most often brought into homes from the grocery store in items that were already infested.

Q. Why are Rodents in my house?
. Rodents generally find their way inside your home in search of food, warmth and shelter, especially during the winter months as they try to avoid the cold Sydney WET weather. They enjoy hiding in areas of low traffic and where there are plenty of hiding places. They are often found hiding in walls and in cluttered roof voids, storage space, or subfloors.

Q. Why are Silverfish in my house?
A. The most important thing for the survival of a silverfish is humidity. They are usually found in areas of high moisture, such as roof-voids, kitchens and bathrooms. They may also be foraging for food, which is anything that contains starch or polysaccharides. Also, silverfish do not hibernate, so during the cold Sydney winters they will be looking for somewhere warm to stay Like your Home.

Q. Why are Redback Spiders in my house?
A. Most spiders that travel indoors do so because of weather conditions. When it begins to get cold or wet , spiders begin looking for a warmer place to hide. They are often found in dark corners of the exterior of your foundation walls, also in roof voids, subfloors and garages.

Q. Why are Bees or Wasps in my house?
A. There are many different reasons that bees or wasps may be around your home. Often, our homes provide the perfect shelter for them to build their nests, their NEW home. They also nest near sources of food and water. Pools or lakes can attract these pest.

Q. Why are TERMITES in my house?
A. If you have termites in your home or place of business it is most likely because they are foraging for food. Termites feed on anything made of wood like your home and especially enjoy water damaged and wet areas, termites are attracted to any water next to or under your foundations.

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